BJP’s National Exec Rally in Mumbai

26 May

24th & 25th May 2012, are important days for BJP Party members and followers in recent times. A two-National Executive Meet was called where all prominent Leaders were to participate and display a show of strength to set the ball rolling for 2014 elections.

Mr.Narendra Modi, today’s superstar of BJP, was in two minds to attend since his bete noire, Sanjay Joshi was still attending the meeting. Mr.Sanjay Joshi resigned from the party post and did not attend the meeting.

Sanjay Joshi’s resgination came on the eve of the Meeting and NaMo attended the Meet from the afternoon of 24th.

From the reports on the SM (since MSM refused to look in that direction), one gets the impression that the presence of NaMo had got the party workers charged up and were all hopeful of a fresh beginning for BJP when going to 2014 polls.

Mr.LKA, a very senior Party Leader did not attend the Rally and could become the talking point in MSM.  Reasons quoted were prior engagements but apparently peeved by the hastily brought about change in constitution to accomodate another term for Mr.Gadkari. (As read in the DNA of 26th May).

Understandably Ms.Sushma Swaraj execused herself from the rally held on 25th.

On 24th a major change in the constitution of BJP party was made to allow a Party President to be re-elected and will  be given another term to oversee the 2014 elections.

Mr.Gadkari, he has an image of an affable man with a pleasing demeanour which goes well with all the stalwarts in the Party. Perhaps, that is the reason for RSS to back his candidature for a 2nd term also. However, Mr.Gadkari should exercise a lot of caution and not repeat mistakes like Kushawa, which may cost the party’s image a lot.

The highlights of course was the 2nd day Rally in the evening in the heart of Mumbai City, which caused a traffic jam since the party workers were waiting to hear their SuperStar NaMo.

The Rally in the evening, which was live streamed by BJP Office of Mumbai and Yuva TV,  confirmed the following:

  • GenNext of BJP is ready to take on the mantle.
  • The torchbearers of GenNext of BJP are now  from the states rather than the Central Leadership with the focus on performing CMs of the Party.
  • NaMo, it appears from the tweets on the Rally, is the clear winner and the first among the equals when it comes to leading the Party in 2014. This conclave can more or less been seen as the ceremony anointing NaMo for the bigger role as expected.

Now for the highlights of the BJP SuperStar’s speech in the Rally:-

  • It was a speech targeting only his equal, that is the PM and a bliztering attack on the govt.
  • Only burning issues, which is plaguing the country today, were raised
  • No direct personal attacks were made.
  • No mention of RG and a passing reference to SG.

The speech to the extent seen by me was matured and shows that NaMo as the National Leader has emerged. Now for the people of the country to give him and his team a chance. Finally, if given a chance hope they do not belie the faith reposed.


Right to Right Education

16 Apr


Right to Right Education-Part I

Right to Education(RTE) is trending now-a-days in our country, thanks to a visionless bill placed in the Parliament for its passage duly endorsed by The Supreme Court.

There are a lot of analysis posted on Blogs and discussed in the Media giving the pros and cons of the RTE bill. However not a single blog or disuccion is focussing on our RIGHT TO RIGHT EDUCATION(RTRE).

The world around is filled with a lot of challenges and a multitude of crisis. However we observe that resolutions sought for these challenges or crisis are short-term in nature rather than seeking a long term solution to put an end to the problem or crisis once and for all.

This leads us to the question where does the fault lie? Why are we not able to seek the right solutions and put them intoaction? The answer is there seems to be the lack of Right Will.

Is our present system of education to be blamed for this lack of right Will? The answer is Yes.

is our education system giving us the right type of education to meet all the challenges or crisis? The answer is NO.

There is a fundamental flaw in our formal education system which does not address the issue of Crisis Management.

Crisis can come in any form. If a family member is down with a chronic health problem there is crisis. If our children are wavering in their studies or are found to be errant there will be a crisis. If our job is not fulfilling there will be a crisis. If a promotion which is due is denied or delayed there will be a crisis. Old age brings another set of crisis. Hence we find we are constantly swimming from one crisis to another with no proper methods or systems in place to face them with courage and fortitude.

Just as a Table needs four legs to stand on its own so does our education need four pillars.

1. Education should teach us how to read and write. This is one of the fundamental requirements we need from education.

2. Education should prepare us for earning our livelihood so that we do not depend on someone else for our living and for fulfilling our material wants.

3. Education should prepare us for a more profound knowledge on that law which continuosly affects our day to day living, that is the Law of Action and REsult. We do an action but the result is not as expected. Why? what is the science behind this Law of Action and REsult.

4. Having postulated the theory of Action and Result, Education should also give us the methods to apply the same in our day to day living.
Two pillars of education is fulfilled adequately by the modern system of education. However it is the 3rd and 4th aspect which is very important to make our education real and complete and also make the job of living more happy and pleasurable.

Our Ancient scripture have ever so many teachings on the principle of Action and Result, which are both scientific and which can be put to test in the laboratory of our life before accepting. There are many stories also in our scriptures which corroborate the law of action and result.

OUr modern system of education fails to incorporate these teachings in the name of secularism and hence the 3rd and 4th pillars of education have developed deep cracks which are showing in the form of violence, unrest and deep distress in the society.

What is lacking in the present day system is the will to implement the right system. Intellectuals who would come forward to change the system are severely put to test by the society. The atmosphere today is that of condemning anything that does not appeal to an average mind.

Will our Govt be able to ensure free flow of thoughts in the Society, not caving in to any of the pressure groups? because only then will there meaningful exchange of ideas which can help set right the education system and make it complete and wholesome.
So friends the time has come for us citizens to demand not only Right to Education but also Right to Right Education.